Visual Communication Design

All the samples in the world won’t mean anything if I screw up YOUR job. Here’s what a few of my customers have said about working with me. My experience will ensure that you have knowledgeable, creative and reliable source for your design and marketing projects.

I’ve been working with Jeff for the past 9 years as he is the designer for the “Kovels’ Newsletter” which my company prints each month. It has been a pleasure dealing with him as his files always come in on time, accurate and leave nothing to question. I wish all the artists in the industry were as good as him.
Rob Nicita, Production Manager, US Web, Inc.

Working with Jeff Clark made my job at Silver Magazine much easier. His many years of experience in magazine design showed—all I had to do was supply the copy and images and he did the rest! Jeff was professional, flexible, and always open to new ideas or direction.
Amy Fisher, Copy Editor/Production Coordinator, Silver Magazine

Whenever Jeff and I work on a project, he can always envision the project and add new, creative solutions that make good sense and that the client likes. Through over 15 years of collaboration, I’ve found him to bring the same effort and service to big jobs and small. I’d recommend working with him.
Michael Cargile, President, M.E.C. Consulting

For more than 25 years, he has been dependable, knowledgeable and imaginative. His creative instinct and artist’s eye give every monthly issue vitality and charm. Jeff never misses a deadline, works steadfastly until a project is completed to our satisfaction, consults with our printing company whenever necessary and never loses his sense of humor.
Terry Kovel, President, Kovels Publications

It is a pleasure working with Jeff. He does a great job of taking general ideas and direction, and putting them into an impactful logo, design, or advertisement. Jeff also excels in his turnaround, and rush projects are always well thought out and handled with the same care as a project with a longer timeline.
Don Picciano, Jr., XSELL, LTD.


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